Website Tips

How to Monetize your site!

Many people dream of setting up their own money making website which allows them make money while they sleep. This is not an easy thing to do, so here we are describing what we do to get traffic, and make money from that traffic. You don't have to sell anything to be able to make money (though that would help).

Income Streams

Google AdSense

Ok, that wasn't really ground breaking stuff was it? AdSense is really easy to setup, and has made some people a few cents, whilst its made others millionaires. Your results will be disappointing if you have little traffic (less than 500 hits a day). However, a few tricks here will help you increase your income from AdSense.

Optimize the placement of your Google Ads. The most important thing that we have found is when we actually put Ads within our content. Not above an article, or below, or as a banner, or instead of the menu, but WITHIN the actual article. These are the Ads which get clicked most often (at least on our site). And do experiment. By experiment we mean, do some changes and monitor the results. To monitor, remember you need a good sample, so leave the "experiment" for at least a month if you want good results.

Affiliates - Stay on topic

Ok here goes the truth about affiliates. What are affiliates? These are programs which are selling a product, and which give you a commission each time a user you send to their site buys a product. So how to optimize your income from affiliates? This is common sense again, but sometimes you just have to say these things. Often you'll see adverts about "the best selling affiliate program on the Internet". You then subscribe and never get a single sale! Obviously you are disappointed and annoyed. So what's the problem? You need affiliates that are related to the topic on your website.

People browsing the Internet typically have a particular focus. Some are looking to get a new loan / mortgage, some are looking for a second hand car, some are looking to find cheap web hosting, or are looking to buy flights and make hotel reservations for a holiday. In other words people are focused. If I am looking to get a new loan, it is highly unlikely that I will get distracted by an advert for an investment. On the other hand, if I see a good looking ad for a loan, the likelihood of me clicking on it is much more probable. This is the real secret of Google AdSense, why Google is making so much money from AdSense. AdSense analyses the content of your site, and send ads which are topical to your site. 

This reasoning should also apply for your affiliates. If your website is about fishing, don't put up affiliates for stocks. If your website is about football, don't put in affiliates about dog food. Always keep your affiliates related to the topic of your website. This is the secret of our website. Our website is mostly about Joomla, so we plug in Joomla affiliates.

Another truth about affiliates. Don't recommend products which you haven't tried and tested! Be helpful to your users, and recommend / suggest programs / products which you are sure will help them in some way or another. People who feel cheated will not come back to your website. You will loose their trust, their traffic, and ultimately your income and your dream.

Sell Advertising Space

If you have good traffic, or you are targeting a particularly strong niche, don't be afraid to offer advertising space for sale. You need to do your homework well and analyse how much the market is willing to pay for your space.

Sell Links on particular phrases / keywords

Search Engine Optimization for particular high income keywords is a cut throat market. If you have good keywords, you can sell links from these keywords to external websites. This is especially true if your website has a good Google PageRank.

Sell web space

Again, if you have a good Google Page Rank, some companies are willing to buy an amount of web space to host their content on your website. This is typically a symbiotic relationship. You will gain by getting fixed income, and increased content on your site. They will gain through the SEO which their content generates.

Focus on Good Content

Most of all focus on creating great, interesting, original and useful content. This is what ultimately will get you great traffic, and allow you to increase your income streams. Don't get discouraged if at first you don't succeed. Stick to your guns and keep working hard at it. Some people hit the jackpot within a week of starting up. But this is the exception not the rule. Most people take months and years to grow to a healthy level of traffic, and healthy income. Don't quit ... keep at it. The more time you dedicate, the better the results you'll see

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