Backup Service

Backup Monitoring Services (Onsite / Offsite) 

Our backup services is designed to provide a full service off site backup solution. We integrate your off site backups with your internal back up schedules and strategies.Nice I.T. have both Onsite and Off Site backup monitoring services insuring your data is safe and secure.  Utilizing both Industry standard backup software/hardware with additional state of the are replication tools, Nice I.T. protect your data from  accidental deletion to fire damage

Secure Off Site Backup Service

  • Nightly automated file transfer of nominated databases to Nice I.T.’s secure backup data storage units.
  • Up to 1 Gig Business (nightly) transfer
  • NICE IT technician monitors backup processes and verifies each backup’s success.
  • Monthly status reports of backup provided to client
  • Up to 20 GB secure storage capacity
  • Guarantee backed up file integrity
  • Backups scanned nightly for virus infection
  • Yearly analysis of backup requirements and critical data
  • Safe and secure backups. Once off site, data is secured on servers with access control as well as lock an key in NICE I.T. safes.

NICE I.T.’s off-site backup services is designed to provide a full service off-site backup mechanism for small business mission critical databases.

In an Information world were backups are often left as a low priority and over looked, NICE I.T’s commitment to insure that your critical data is backup and secured off-Site allows business owners and I.T. staff too rest easy with the knowledge that their critical data is being protected. 

NICE I.T.s backup services gives small business owners and I.T. staff the comfort of knowing there backups are not only being monitored, but secured, verified, scanned for viruses and audited for restoration capability.
Allowing for peace of mind by insuring off-site critical database back ups. Back up Integrity and data protection are guaranteed through restore audits and testing on a quarterly basis.



Security during transfer is provided through a secure VPN access to a dedicated secure storage server, and stored under lock key in a secure storage room. The integrity of the backup is reviewed according and restoration test are confirmed on a quarterly basis.

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